About Us

Roush cosmetics is a Female owned company, I the founder, am a Professional cosmetologist for the last 10 years.
I have specialized in Makeup and extentions. What I have noticed with my years of industry work, is the quality of strip lashes was not up to my professional or personel
standards. I felt I needed to design and create something Bold, wearable, easy to apply, reusable and most importantly affordably
priced to offer to my clients, family and friends.

I am Proud to present just that. I have come up with an entire line dedicated to all of my clients and potentialclients women, and men that are in search of the best quality
Strip lashes,lash tools,and cosmetics on the market. I have spent countless hours personally hand picking
and designing each of the eight different styles of the luxury lashes we are currently offering on our website. The styles range from everyday wear
to special occasions, photoshoots etc..

With these quality lashes, we have found a practical approach to apply the lashes that is not time consuming and easy for everyone. Since I have been wearing lash strips, i cannont count how many times, women have complimented my lashes then followed it with,
"i wish i could wear those, i just dont know how to put them on". i have created 3 easy & simple to use tools that are failproof, we have 3 lash appications tools that are simple, and easy to use. With Roush Cosmetics lash curler, lash tweezer & lash shears you will be able to effortlessly , trim and apply lashes to fit to your eyes
and acheive the stunning look you want.

We truly believe that our attention to detail, dedication to excellence, and commitment to our customers makes Roush Cosmetics the best
Cosmetics company around. we appretiate all the continued support from our valued customers. We will continue to add and test new products
to meet our customers needs and demands give our customers the best of the best in our products.